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Yes, …SBS Australia! (click here) I loved that channel, and the graphics and colors they used reflected the colors and climate of that dry continent. They used to show this video Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest – (click here) as an intermission. I loved it so much, as it showed how a little girl can travel unimpeded and unharmed across boundaries and cultures, still retaining that powerful link to her mother, namely to her origins. To me, that is the idea of an open world, a place for all, certainly no place for refugee camps and immigration detainment centers. And yes, SBS and this music still exert a cathartic effect on me, taking me back to my ocean walks in Sydney…….

Here is something I wrote years ago…

Cape Bayron

This is an adapted picture of Cape Bayron, the most esasterly point in Australia
I watch the kids of a new nation
washing the sins of old crimes
in the surf of an old land
reaching into the waves
of the endless water
of a world of myths and spirit
under the watchful eye
of Julian Rocks
The mountains lie on the round horizon.

– Oscar Vallazza,  Byron Bay


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