My learning context

My learning context

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I am operating in a context that is made up of my professional, academic and personal learning experiences.

Historically, I like to consider my several experiences as a continuum, as an evolving platform for my learning.

I grew up within a traditional schooling system that emphasized a humanistic approach to learning, but was also highly behavioral in its teaching philosophy. We were told what to read and learn, and “knowledge” was the degree to which we were able to store in our brain the information provided to us.

Later I had the privilege to pursue my undergraduate degree at S.I.T, a non-traditional education college based in Brattleboro, VT, U.S.A. In retrospect, that was the most valuable and formative learning experience in my life.

Ever since, the context of my learning has developed as a shell for my eclectic growth rather than a linear collection of units. The combination of formal and informal learning opportunities, professional practice and personal development and self-reflection has created a web-like narrative that I can easily call “my life”. Within that context my learning develops as a complex process.

All these learning experiences are self-directed in their nature, even when they occur within an institutional structure such as the ALGC program.

Historical aspects:

As mentioned above, historically my learning has occurred within two educational approaches that were at times conflicting but also complementing one another.

A traditional education approach through the end of high school, which also included 10 years of formative training and professional development in international banking;

A non-traditional education approach that started with my undergraduate degree at SIT, World Learning’s School for International Training, and continued after my graduation to characterize my personal self-directed studies, my graduate studies at the University of Innsbruck and my proposal for a qualitative research on cultural adaptation at the RMIT University in Melbourne.

It is this latter educational approach that is influencing my current learning context the most.

At this time my learning environment includes at least the following:

Learning contract

Experiential learning

International learning environment

Cross-cultural format (based on Cross-cultural communication)

Independent, self-directed learner’s approach

Physical aspects:

I am currently enrolled in the ALGC. Occasionally, I am also attending workshops at one of the schools I am teaching at.

This allows me a dual exposure to face-to-face and on-line education.

The physical environment of my learning includes the following:

My home

My lap top

Desktop environment ( folders with class material )

Itslearning platform and its e-portfolio

other on-line locations ( libraries, cafes,…)

www environment

school premises


Within this physical context, learning occurs mainly through the following activities:

Hands-on practice


On-line asynchronous environment


External evaluation



Human aspects:

My interaction with a variety of people allows me to expand my knowledge and to refine my learning skills mainly through hands-on practice and self-reflection.

I consider the triad of my personal, academic and professional experiences as an interfaced and integrated whole. Therefore, my learning environment includes my students, fellow learners, teachers, administrators, and extended personal learning community.

The human aspects of my learning context include the following:

Independent learning

Learning partner (mainly task oriented)

Other members of the ALGC cohort (individual, personal rapport)

Teachers and administrators


Outside resources (learning community)

Personal learning community

My own students


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