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COURSE: Global/Local Learning– GLL

FORUM: Samarbeta

TOPICS: local global learning, people-centered development

Step 2 – Part 1

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This brings up the issue of people centered development, which was the topic of a book by David Korten that I have re-read recently. He defined people-centered development as follows:

“It is an approach to development that looks to the creative initiative of people as the primary development resource and to their material and spiritual well-being as the end that the development process serves.” (p.201)

“People-centered development places substantial value on local initiatives and diversity. It thus favors self-organizing systems developed around human-scale organizational units and self-reliant communities.”(p.300)

I like the way these quotes allow me to reflect more on our interesting discussion and readings.

Korten, D. C., & Klauss, R. (1984). People-centered development: Contributions toward theory and planning frameworks. West Hartford, Conn: Kumarian Press.

Summary available at:

David Korten is president and founder of the People-Centered Development Forum. He is an associate of the International Forum on Globalization and a member of the Club of Rome. He is the editor of Yes! Magazine

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