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GLL: post: Reply to Gloria’s post

Hi Gloria,

Thank you for posting a comparative analysis of my scenario that inserted NZ into our interesting discussion.

I see how geographic isolation may influence contacts between NZ and other areas, which in turn may represent a wonderful opportunity for ICT to establish transnational connections. (For instance, I am a subscriber of , a good example of the NZ “reaching out” approach) Whereas in my home region people are still “caught up” in a web of entrenched and embedded ways and traditions, which requires huge mediation efforts to reach out to other cultures, in NZ and in similar “new” realities, such process of opening up has become part of the nation’s cultural DNA, with fewer concerns about retaining the old, and more freedom to integrate the new.

As for your comments on “introspection and self-reflection,” I certainly agree on the fact that those belonging to the dominant group have less of a need for critical thinking. However, that does not come to their advantage, as,  by avoiding a dialectical confrontation with the other, they miss out on opportunities for personal growth, and will eventually be left behind by evolving historical processes.

The costs of cultural transformation that, as you pointed out, have been borne by some and skipped by others, may be eventually considered within a different framework for social, economic, environmental, educational development. I believe that learning and dialogue may be key tools in such paradigm shift. For now, we are still dealing with a world premised on the industrialization era where people in general are reluctant to move into uncharted land, and instead prefer to linger on whatever we have, in spite of its obvious failures.

The concept of people-centred development relates well to the idea of learning as a way to change what has stopped working. I look fwd to exploring this topic more in depth.

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