GLL: on transformation

COURSE: Global / Local Learning– GLL

FORUM: Samarbeta

TOPICS: local global learning, transformation

Step 1 – Part 2: on global/local learning

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With regard to my post, I would say that the primary beneficiaries of a global/local approach are all participants, i.e. all parties and stakeholders. This is not necessarily a shared opinion, but it reflects my hope and personal view point. Wheneven we engage in activities and learning opportunities that embrace both the local and the global dimensions, we open ourselves up to a process of introspection and self-reflection that may lead to transformative growth (Transformation is also mentioned in the readings for this course). From the perspective of intercultural communication ( as a field of study), transformation entails the emergence of something new, a sort of holographic context where the original components give rise to something different. This is of course non an original idea, having been explored in several interdisciplinary approaches. I believe that a reform of the old is not necessarily going to bring about the qualitative changes that we need in the education & development axiom. Instead, transformation may be the key, as it will eventually touch on all aspects of the current paradigm — cultural, economic, social, political, etc. The costs will be absorbed and spread across all participants in our globalized civil society according to criteria corresponding to those of  responsible, participatory citizenship.


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