GLL: on co-participation

COURSE: Global / Local Learning– GLL

FORUM: Samarbeta

TOPICS: local global learning, co-participation

Step 1 – Part 2: on global/local learning

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I am typing this at the library, in a minute village in the heart of the Alps, a valley that has been a crossroad of  languages and cultures for over 2000 years, which makes the setting suitable for some comments on our course.

Zifaan raised the topic of co-partecipation and co-authoring in our academic work. I can only agree with his take. In fact, in this forum I have shared a shared definition of global learning that had emerged from previous works among a sub-group in our cohort. I posted it not with the intention of enforcing it, but with the hope that it could provide for food for thoughts and for a platform for our discussion.

This course presents us with the very good opportunity of finding common themes in our individual ideas, thus making a co-partecipatory approach more visible and praxis-oriented.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys! (-:

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