GLL: A shared definition

COURSE: Global / Local Learning– GLL

FORUM: Samarbeta

TOPICS: local global learning

Step 1 – Part 2: on global/local learning

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A shared definition.

Before commenting on the ideas presented in the Commentary, I would like to post a shared definition of “local/global learning” that emerged from a previous course.

The following definition encompasses the interplay of the global and local dimensions of learning. Here it goes:

A definition of global learning

Global Learning is that aspect of learning that includes an understanding of human interactions and knowledge across cultural boundaries in light of the cultural differences affecting the participants’ diversity of communication styles, values and beliefs. Global Learning occurs within a collaborative and transformational context of world-wide networks. Global Learning may eventually promote a paradigm shift that would ultimately redefine people’s identities on a personal and potentially global scale.

The contexts in which Global Learning takes place include:

The global level, when people engage in meaningful, constructive and collaborative enterprises with others across borders. This level advances a meta-perspective on global learning and goes hand-in-hand with other globalization processes.

The local level, when people engage within their own communities, contexts and cultures which leads to personal transformation. This level allows for opportunities for engagement across previously impenetrable borders.

The personal level, when learners develop their personal knowledge in light of the intercultural dimension of their inquiry. This level advances personal growth and transformation and serves as a platform for participation in global enterprises.

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