Assignment 2: Paper outline


FORUM: Participation in education and work; identity and social exclusion.(BLOCK 2)


Paper Outline ( link to forum)

Hi everybody!

According to the timeline, by tomorrow we should have an outline for the group paper.

These are my suggestions.

We can divide the paper into 4 sections. Each of us will work on one. We will give feedback and make changes as needed, then post the final draft by Saturday march 14, 5 PM PST.


The introduction will present the structure of the paper and “summarize the analysis of, and the main factors behind, social exclusion from and discrimination in education and employment, and how that might affect who has access to education and work and the transitions or pathways from school to work.”

The conclusion will close the paper with a summary and final thoughts drawn from our discussion in the forum.

GROUP MEMBER 2: CASE STUDY ON A SPECIFIC EXAMPLE (COUNTRY). It will cover both assignment 2.2 and assignment 2.3 discussions:

“suggest how and to what extent such exclusion exists in each participant’s country, and briefly explain the cause; ”

“discuss strategies and policies that might be considered in order to address this phenomenon.”

GROUP MEMBER 3: same as above

GROUP MEMBER 4: same as above

BIBLIOGRAPHY AND WEBLIOGRAPHY: to avoid duplication, we will merge all our bibliographies for each section into a single list at the end of the paper.

BY MONDAY MARCH 9 we should have a first draft of each section available for comments and feedback. We can post it to our discussion forum in a new thread (we could create a thread called GROUP PAPER ).

So, what do you think of the outline above?

Please send your comments so that we can decide who is doing what.  Any takers?

As for me, this is where I am at: I have started working on a case study on my home region, so – if you agree – I would like to keep working on that.

Let’s finalize this by tomorrow night, so we can move on according to schedule.

I look fwd to continuing the discussion.

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