Access, discrimination, exclusion


FORUM: Participation in education and work; identity and social exclusion.(BLOCK 2)


Access, discrimination, exclusion (link to forum)

Reply to Claudia’s post

Claudia wrote: Is it that the factors are the causes and the levels the consequences?

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for engaging in the debate. In my post I used the words “three levels” to refer to three stages at which discrimination/exclusion may occur. Of course, mine was just a suggestion that will need to be discussed further.

Here is how I see this:

ASSIGNMENT 2.1 One way of approaching that task would be to proceed with analyzing the following. We will need to identify and analyze how factors interact at each level and the kind of outcome that will produce:

LEVELS (where/when): CONTEXTS= SITUATIONS in which discrimination/exclusion occur;

FACTORS: what/who contributes to the emergence of discrimination/exclusion: like the factors that you have mentioned in your post;

OUTCOME: discrimination, exclusion and other relevant outcomes that may emerge from discriminatory policies (i.e. benefits to others in the case of affirmative action policies);

In 2.2, we will apply our understanding to examples from a familiar cultural context (Claudia may choose to present a few examples from Mexico…)

In 2.3, we will then discuss policies/strategies that may alleviate the negative effects of discrimination and exclusion in both education and workplace as we identified in 2.1.

Does this make sense? I believe that if we approach this step by step and proceed swiftly with the discussion, we should be able to write the final paper as a reflection of our collaborative work.

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