DeFreitas: Segmented labour markets and education


FORUM: Participation in education and work; identity and social exclusion.(BLOCK 2)


Reply to Larissa’s Post – (link to forum)

DeFreitas: Segmented labour markets and education

Larissa wrote: I am not entirely convinced and I have to confess that I’m a bit disappointed to see that all those long years of schooling will go as far as a job pool screening…

Hi Larissa,

Sorry for the delay. I meant to comment on your post earlier.

I believe your thoughts have merit and fit well into the first part of our assignment on issues of exclusion and discrimination. I have started a separate thread on assignment 2.1 where we could explore your comments and develop the discussion further.

I think that labor market segmentation and Dual Labor Market Theory follow similar neoclassical economic discourses that go – in my opinion – hand in hand with Human Capital Theories. The issue you are raising has a lot to do with the changes that have affected the relationship between formal education and workplace training. The gap between the two has increased, in spite of efforts to the contrary. Munby’s article recognizes that “classroom attempts at workplace preparation are doomed.” (p.98)

I do not necessarily agree with that statement, but I am nevertheless under the impression that so-called formal education is becoming more entrenched in its own academic goals, which would justify certain skepticism on part of employers towards the effectiveness of academically acquired professional skills. That would lead to their preference for in-house professional formation, turning formal academic credentials ultimately into a mere instrument in the selection process for new hires.


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