A sense of place


With an eye on our learning adventure through the ALGC, today I was thinking of the global nature of our cohort. We all share this idea of global citizenship, as we test it through the academic rigors of the courses, but I wonder if what we share is the same, identical idea.  I believe our individual experiences represent the broader spectrum of our planetary identities, each of them forged around and sustained by our personal path, each of them enriched with a wide spectrum of cultural references. And as we delve into globalization issues, I am wondering if alongside our emerging planetary attitudes there still remains a special connection to a special place, one that we would still call “home.” It could be that such place is more a location of the mind and the spirit rather than a real place in time and space. And as I find myself considering these thoughts, I also know that I still harbor within myself a deep affection for places that have become over time an intrinsic part of me, places that are part of my identity. Similar emotional connectors find expression in different cultures. In Portugal they speak of Saudade, which Wikipedia defines as a “vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist,… a turning towards the past or towards the future.”
But do we all share a strong connection to certain sites? Can we transcend such connection in pursuit of a more global sense of belongingness? All these questions rushed through my mind as I was watching the videos listed below. Forgetting for a moment that I was watching commercials, I considered the deeply engrained human need to be connected, with others and the earth, in a way that defies easy definitions. I was reminded of the concept of “heimat” that is so much part of my original culture, and of other similar, interesting notions that I came to explore later in life, ideas such as a sense of place, and topophilia –one’s love for a place.
Enjoy the videos!

and enjoy the break!


One Response

  1. Home is
    The source of vivid memories for a place we’ve never been
    The yearning for return to a place we’ve yet to find
    The sense of true belonging
    When we know that we’ve been found
    The confidence to journey through this life.

    Margaret J Wheatley

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